06.10.15Your Guide To The 2015 DC Jazz Festival - Washington City Paper

Includes picks for each performance by Brad Linde - BIG OL' at Atlas, Underwater Ghost feat. Allison Miller at The Hamilton, and the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra featuring Oliver Lake.

06.08.15Jazz Speaks - Ask The Universe: Brad Linde's BIG OL' presents the Music of ELLIOTT HUGHES

Interview with Kevin Sun about the upcoming collaboration at the Jazz Gallery with Australian composer/arranger Elliott Hughes.

03.16.15INDY WEEK: Brad Linde and RAPTOR BILLY

Preview in the INDY for RAPTOR BILLY's tour to NC.

01.05.15Washington City Paper's The Jazzies: D.C.'s Best Jazz in 2014

Mike West names Brad Linde (in tie with Leigh Pilzer) Best Baritone Saxophone 2014 and Brad Linde's DIX OUT Best Small Group.

12.23.14Capitalbop\'s Top 5 Albums of 2014

Gio and Luke of Capitalbop included TEAM PLAYER\'s album \"DRAFT\" in their top 5 albums of 2014.

08.07.14Jazz Speaks -Watch: Brad Linde Expanded Ensemble

Kevin Laskey previews the BLEE's performance of Elliott Hughes' music at the Jazz Gallery on August 12.

07.23.14Chicago Reader: Brad Linde's Team Players

Peter Margasak previews Team Players album and performance at Hungry Brain.

07.23.14LEO Weekly: Washington DC Jazz Collective Night at DREAMLAND

Preview of Team Players and Liver Quiver double-bill at DREAMLAND in Louisville, KY

03.14.14New York Times: Lines Meet Atmosphere, and a Visiting Drummer

Ben Ratliff reviews the performance of UNDERWATER GHOST at SEEDS in Brooklyn.

08.15.13New York Times: Jazz Listings

NYT selects performance at IBEAM as highlight.

06.27.13Timothy Forbes Photography: Lee Konitz with the Brad Linde Expanded Ensemble

Beautiful photos by Timothy Forbes from the June 14, 2013 performance with Lee Konitz.

06.24.13Capitalbop: Lee Konitz with Brad Linde’s 18-piece ensemble: A fabled master, still taking chances

John Cook reviews the DC Jazz Festival performance at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.

06.19.13Baltimore Brew: Legendary jazz film comes to Creative Alliance, along with its musical creator

06.19.13Waitin’ for the man: Freddie Redd reprises role as bandleader in The Connection

03.01.13The Atlas: The Little Engine That Does

John Eric Home Magazine features a cover story on the Atlas Performing Arts Center.

12.21.12DC's Best Jazz In 2012 - Washington City Paper

The Washington City Paper names the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra "Best Large Ensemble" and Brad Linde "Best Baritone Saxophone" in Michael J. West's Jazzie Awards.

12.19.12D.C.'s Best Records Of 2012 - Honorable Mention

Both "Ted Brown and Brad Linde: Two Of A Kind" and the "Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra: A Bohemian Christmas Vol. 1" were selected as honorable mentions for Capitalbop's Best of 2012.

09.01.12Atlas on H Street Hosts More Jazz for 2012-13

Steve Munroe discusses the Atlas Performing Arts Center and it's upcoming season.

05.29.12Atlas Interview with Dan Tepfer

I interview Dan Tepfer in advance of his trio performance at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.

04.20.12Remembering Teddy Charles: Composer, Vibraphonist, Sailboat Captain

NPR's A Blog Supreme post on Teddy Charles' passing.

01.11.12Jazz at the Atlas' Spring Season Starts Tonight

01.11.12Atlas PAC enters second season with strong array of national and local talent

Capitalbop preview of the Spring 2012 "Jazz at the Atlas" season.

09.13.11DCist: ATLAS Launches Jazz Concert Series

Sriram Gopal talks about the new series at ATLAS.

08.10.11Capitalbop: Atlas Performing Arts Center introduces wide-ranging jazz series on H Street NE

Luke Stewart explains the new "Jazz at the Atlas" series coming in September.

08.04.11ArtsDesk: Jazz Series Comes to the Atlas

The Washington City Paper's Mike West reports of the new "Jazz at the Atlas" series at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.

04.14.11Eye Level: 5 Questions with the Brad Linde Ensemble

Smithsonian American Art Museum interview and blog post about the BLE's upcoming performance celebrating Ella Fitzgerald.

04.13.11Preview: Gretchen Parlato at Bohemian Caverns - Capitalbop.com

My preview of vocalist Gretchen Parlato's DC appearance at Bohemian Caverns.

02.15.11Jazz Lives: Brad Linde and Ted Brown and Friends at Tomi Jazz

Blog entry and video from February 5, 2011 by Michael Steinman of Jazz Lives.

01.29.11Coming Soon: Ted Brown and Brad Linde

A generous preview by Michael Steinman of the February 5 performance at Tomi Jazz.

01.14.11Cadence Magazine: "Feeling That Way Now" review by Michael Steinman

Aside from some slight visual homage to the Impulse label, ["Feeling That Way Now"] doesn’t look at all “historical," but this new release has a fine awareness of the Jazz past, while the soloists are going their own energetic ways. On the surface, this nonet (more or less) is going the same way as the BIRTH OF THE COOL band – and its descendants over the last six decades. (And some selections look back at Monk’s 1959 Town Hall concert.) But this is anything but a tribute CD – one of those products where a group of musicians pay homage to famous recording sessions, often with far narrower effect, with possibly double motives: are they honoring their ancestors or hoping to get some attention from notoriously fickle Jazz fans by following along behind classic recordings? Or both? This CD by the Brad Linde Ensemble offers listeners the opportunity to savor the playing of expert musicians who, at the moment, don’t necessarily have major record labels in hot pursuit. Their renditions of classic and less-known music (JOOST, for instance, by Mulligan, turned up among Miles Davis’s papers after his death) are both thoughtful and muscular. I sometimes find the 1949 Capitol sessions – however groundbreaking – mildly constrained. Linde’s Ensemble doesn’t violate the intent of the originals, but the solos are new and the ensemble playing has a delightful energy. Linde himself is an agile baritone player (who doesn’t attempt to turn his horn into a clarinet) and his colleagues perform at a very high level. The only player I knew already was trombonist Musselman, a shouting virtuoso who often appears with the Cangelosi Cards – someone whose witty awareness of Jazz is such that his reference to IS IT TRUE WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT DIXIE? fits in to BABY GRAND beautifully. And the closing LULU’S BACK IN TOWN nods to Fats Waller as well as to Monk, which is just right. This music is anything but academic or studied; it’s an expression of love for the past while everyone expresses themselves most individually.

Visit Michael Steinman's blog here: http://jazzlives.wordpress.com/

01.09.11New York Times: Tristano School, Back In Session

New York Times author Nate Chinen previews the return of Ted Brown with a feature on the new interest in the Tristano School.

01.03.11Interview: Darcy James Argue's Infernal Machines

My first interview for Capitalbop with Darcy James Argue, steampunk big band leader of "Secret Society.

12.31.10Capitalbop: Looking Back Part 3: Musicians Reflect on 2010

DC Jazz musicians recall the most memorable moments from 2010.

12.30.10Capitalbop: Looking Back Part 2: DCs Top CDs of 2010

The Brad Linde Ensemble's "Feeling That Way Now" review by Capitalbop.com.

10.19.10Progress Report: Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra

Michael J. West checks in with the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra during the big band's 6 month performance.

10.11.10DCist: The Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra, Six Months In

Sriram Gopal checks in on the District's resident big band as they celebrate 6 months of Monday evenings at the historic Bohemian Caverns.

09.22.10Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra: Monarchs of Monday Night

A review by the District's new jazz blog, "CapitalBop", of the BCJO performance from September 20, 2010.

08.19.10Jazz Setlist: Brad Linde, Sax of All Trades

Mention of the BLE's new group, "Sax of a Kind". This performance at the Smithsonian American Art Museum wrapped up the Centennial of Lester Young and featured music by saxophonists Lester Young, Lee Konitz, Gerry Mulligan, Jimmy Giuffre, and Ted Brown.javascript:sub_form();

06.23.10Source Festival – It’s Me … and Great(er) Depression

Review of the opening night of the Source Festival's Artistic Blind Dates.

06.13.10NPR: Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra Live at the DC Jazz Festival

NPR's "A Blog Supreme" photos and review by Patrick Jarenwattananon.

06.01.10DCist Preview: The 2010 DC Jazz Festival

Sriram Gopal's selected line-up for the festival including top picks for each day.

04.20.10Inauguration: Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra Makes Its Debut

Review of the BCJO's debut performance on Monday, April 19, 2010 at Bohemian Caverns by Michael J. West.

04.16.10Metro Connection: Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra by Mike Janssen

WAMU/NPR's radio broadcast story about the new Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra. Mike Janssen reports with interviews with co-directors Brad Linde and Joe Herrera, owner Omrao Brown and jazz historian Mike Fitzgerald.

04.14.10This Week In Jazz-DCist: NEA Jazz Master Lee Konitz pairs with D.C.'s own Brad Linde

"The band had a very warm sound, matching the atmosphere, and the arrangements and playing were fantastic. Seeing all these young musicians get a chance to play with such an icon was also inspiring. Everyone not only fit into the style of music, but also added to the conversation. Here's hoping we get to see more of the Konitz/Linde collaboration in the District."
Sriram Gopal
Staff Writer

03.19.10Big Band Jazz Returns to Bohemian Caverns

City Paper article announcing the return of Big Band Monday nights to the historic Bohemian Caverns. The new Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra will feature a full 18-piece big band and highlight an enormous repertoire of standards and originals from members of the band.

12.19.09Washington City Paper Arts Desk-Jazz Set List

"Baritone saxophonist Brad Linde is establishing himself as a busy and eclectic bandleader. His 10-member Brad Linde Ensemble (BLE) has spent much of the year commemorating two major anniversaries in the jazz repertory...Fifty years later, those arrangements are still a bold, difficult program, and Linde’s performances are ambitious as hell..."
-Michael J. West

11.09.09Out Where The Buses Don't Run No More: A Musical Epiphany

Not traditional press, but a blog entry by Jerome Wilson-a writer for the Washington City Paper and Cadence Magazine, among others. Wilson attended the Brad Linde Quartet with pianist Dan Tepfer at Twins Jazz.

"They played...[with] intelligence, logic, imagination and musical telepathy. The two saxophonist...were both expert at explosive unison play and their solos had immaculate behind the beat phrasing that touched on all the "cool" shamans, Konitz, Marsh, Getz, Mulligan, all the way back to Lester Young."

09.22.09Brad Linde Ensemble concert celebrates jazz greats-Daily Tar Heel

A review of the BLE's concert at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This performance highlighted the 60th anniversary of the "Birth of the Cool" and the 100th Birthday of Tenor Saxophonist Lester Young.

08.27.09Tribute To Lester Young with the Brad Linde Ensemble-Time Out New York

Listing of the Tribute To Lester Young with the Brad Linde Ensemble. This performance celebrates the 100th Birthday of "Pres" with featured guests Chris Byars, Ari Roland, Lena Bloch and Ted Brown.

03.28.09Freddie Redd Sextet -Top Live Show in Time Out New York

A generous mention of the performance of Freddie Redd at Smalls Jazz Club with the band selected by Brad Linde, including Chris Byars, Ari Roland, Stefan Schatz and John Mosca.

03.26.09Freddie Redd Sextet -New York Times Listing

New York Times listing for the Freddie Redd Sextet at Smalls Jazz Club.

01.29.09Three Stars: Brad Linde-DCist.com

A short feature and interview by Sriram Gopal on the DCist.com